“Nobody is perfect, but you are a lot less perfect than the rest of us.” #othering


Why do you tell me that I’m “Different” (with a capital D)?

You say to me “You’re ‘Different’ ” (Different with a capital D.)

Does that mean you feel you have an advantage, compared to me?

Do you pity me?

Do you feel that you are so-called “empathising” with me?

What hidden meanings lurk behind your honest but kindly intended and “polite” words?

What does “Different” mean? What assumptions does it encompass, when you do not know me?

Am I at an advantage or disadvantage? Advantage in what? And compared to whom?

Do you view me as an equal to yourself, in my capacity to be “right”, to know what I am talking about??

Those of the so-called “normal” tribe who are less “intelligent” than I am, do you think I should feel “advantaged” compared to them?

Should I pity them?

You say “You do ‘Very Well’ “…. but you don’t know me.

By your words, you are measuring me by an imaginary “low” yardstick.